JSTI|EPTISA continues the implementation of the Kakheti regional roads rehabilitation and maintenance project in Georgia

The Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia awarded to EPTISA the contract named “Consultancy services for the monitoring consultant for Output and Performance Based Road Contract (OPRC) for Kakheti Regional Roads Rehabilitation and Maintenance” .

The overall objective of this project is the rehabilitation and maintenance of approximately 117 kilometers of secondary roads in Kakheti region, through the introduction and operation of Output and Performance based Road Contracting (OPRC) methodology for Road Asset Management.
EPTISA, as leader of the consortium, is responsible for assisting the Roads Department in overseeing the management of the OPRC Contract, including the continuous assessment of the OPRC contractor’s performance. Moreover, as Project Manager, is responsible for the administration of the contract, the monitoring of the implementation, and for the verification of works and services to be performed by the contractor for the rehabilitation and maintenance works.
The OPRC methodology is a relatively new concept to Georgia, which it has been introduced by the Government and is aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of road management and maintenance operations within its life span cycle based on performance contract(s). The OPRC will also address the issues of inadequate incentives and the need to optimize the use of resources to provide maximum “value for money”.