JSTI|Eptisa will participate in the rehabilitation of Tashkent province water supply and sanitation systems in Uzbekistan

The government of Uzbekistan has awarded to Eptisa a new Asian Development Bank funded contract for the rehabilitation of a regional water supply system located in two districts of Tashkent Province, Kibray and Zangiota.

Responding directly to the needs detected in urban communities of the area, this project will upgrade existing water supply networks that were established under the former Soviet Union, provide potable water treatment services, build institutional capacity, and assist to strengthen the province's water supply and wastewater utility.
More specifically, under this contract Eptisa will assist the Uzbekistan government in conducting on tendering, evaluation and contract award to the successful bidder, project management and supervision including review and audit the detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, erection, testing and commissioning, environmental safeguards monitoring, issue of necessary progress reports, and improve the agency's project management capacity.
Eptisa will also develop bidding documents for the construction of "Kadyrya" water treatment facilities.
This is an important milestone to consolidate Eptisa's presence in the water sector in the country along with and a step forward in our commitment to develop Uzbekistan's urban infrastructure to encourage a sustainable, inclusive and equal social and economic development.