Strategic Orientation: Build "International-Styled" JSTI——Opening of 2016 Seminar on the Development of JSTI

The 2016 Seminar on the Development of JSTI was opened in Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel on October 14, 2016, and about 130 participants from JSTI departments and its subsidiaries from the Chinese mainland and overseas attended this seminar. 




The keynote of this seminar is “strategic orientation”, and it is convened bilingually in Mandarin and English for the first time. A strong “international style” has been displayed in the two bilingual hosts, bilingual PPT for speakers and the eye-catching “foreign faces” of representatives from its two overseas subsidiaries: Eptisa Servicios de Ingeniería S.L. in Spain and TestAmerica Environmental Services, LLC (“TestAmerica”) in the USA, as well as in internal translators specially arranged by the Secretariat. 


At the general conference held on the morning of Day 1, personnel in charge of 5 functional departments: Hu Huaiyu, He Miao, Chen Bangwen, He Xinghua and Chen Yijun delivered speeches on topics of “Future Development of Secretaries”, “Talents are Engines for Strategic Implementation”, “Received Amount and Output Value Conversion”, “Reflection on Operational Strategies” and “Project Management”, respectively, and they also had interaction and communication with seminar participants.





In the afternoon, a special video clip marked the start of the second general conference. TestAmerica Director Wu Xiaoming could not be present due to his business in the States, but he recorded a video clip to introduce his current work progress in TestAmerica. Vivid and lively pictures enabled participants to have a deeper impression of TestAmerica, and they also came to know a group of dedicated and conscientious US colleagues. Mr. Lv Jianxin – Vice General Manager of Zhongshan Water Conservancy Project Surveying & Consulting Co., Ltd., a new member of JSTI Group, expressed at the conference that, he hoped to closely cooperate with all Group departments to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. 18 speakers were also randomly invited to come onto the stage to have impromptu exchange and interaction during the conference throughout the day. 






The annual JSTI seminar on development has become a great place for thought sharing and idea exchanging for every one here, fully reflecting JSTI's corporate culture of openness, inclusiveness and continuous innovation. This seminar will last for three days. Our follow-up reports will come soon. (Su Xuan)