Fierce Debate at the Red-Blue Contest: Which Way Is Suitable for "Localized Regional Organization Construction"?——Another Climax at 2016 Seminar on the Development of JSTI

On the morning of October 15, a unique and fantastic Red-Blue Contest brought the 2016 Seminar on the Development of JSTI to a small climax. 




This Red-Blue Contest was chaired by President Ling Chen of Jiangsu Transportation Institute of JSTI Group, and the red team and the blue team consisted of 4 members, respectively. The topic of this debate was Localized Regional Organization Construction of JSTI. The red team argued that the right way is to establish physical regional organizations of line management under business directions, whose functions focus more on the production center. By contrast, the blue team proposed that JSTI Group should, in line with the business units, develop and establish comprehensive and integrated regional organizations, whose functions focus more on the operational center. The two teams debated fiercely about this. The red team demonstrated the reasonableness of line management in the direction of business from four dimensions: "right time, right place, right persons and costs", while the blue team stressed the necessity of comprehensive and integrated management from the future perspective of JSTI Group's "1136" strategy.


The debate contest went through four rounds of fierce competitions: "stating argument – demonstration – gathering support – competing for votes"; their comprehensive strength was also shown in "Verbal Swords Crossing + Judging Heroes as Cooking Wine". This Red-Blue Contest was both inspiring and interesting, appealing to seminar participants and inspiring enthusiastic participation. At the link of "Interaction with Fans", influential fans of both teams stood up to support their respective teams. Finally, after the third round of successful "support gathering", the red team reversed the disadvantageous situation of lagging behind in the first two rounds to unexpectedly win the contest at a support rate of 48:42.




At the seminar today, revolving around the strategic development objectives of their respective institutes, three presidents: Ji Yuehua (Transportation Planning & Design Institute), Yang Yang (Inspection Research Institute) and Ling Chen (Jiangsu Transportation Institute) shared their opinions and thoughts after in-depth consideration from different perspectives like "key elements for achieving objectives, modes of operation and production, cross-border operation, entrepreneurial mentality, big data analysis, and understanding and thinking about BLM and development orientation". 

In the afternoon, seminar participants joined in the group activity under the theme of "Running, JSTI", which further improved mutual exchange and communication. (Su Xuan)