The Strongest Voice: senior management made in-depth interpretation of "strategic orientation"——JSTI 2016 Development Seminar Concluded in Success

On October 16, at the JSTI 2016 DevelopmentSeminar, CEOs of two overseas subsidiaries, senior management team of operations, CEO Wang Junhua and Chairman Fu Guanhua of the Group took turns to make speeches, sending out the strongest voice on carrying out "strategic orientation". 




At the meeting, Mr. Luis Villarroya, CEO of Spain EPTISASERVICIOS DE INGENIERÍA,S.L. ("EPTISA"), and Ms. Rachel ByrdonJannetta,CEO of US TestAmerica Environmental Services, LLC ("TestAmerica"), made brief introduction to the companies, and expressed their expectation to integrate resources with departments and subsidiaries of the Group in the global scope for synergetic development. 



The operational team consisting by rotating president Li Dapeng and four vice presidents made a stage pose, expressing their thinking on carrying out "strategic orientnation". Vice president Zhu Shaowei put forward his thinking on management model reform in the future globalized development in allusion to the impacts brought by the Internet to traditional industries. Vice president Zhu Xiaoning made an in-depth analysis on the company's investment management by comparing to BLM's "Gap Management". Vice president Liang Xinzheng interpreted the goal of building "a E-based platform" in the "1136" strategy from the perspective of risk prevention and control by the subject View “a platform” from "seal management". Vice president Wang Jiaqiang shared his opinions on organizational structure adjustment, strategic planning, and customer satisfaction management. At last, the rotating president Li Dapeng summed up the Group's development course in past years with several keywords, namely "past", "at present", "opportunity" and "challenge", and pointed out that it needs everyone to develop stronger learning abilities, and broader vision and mind to drive the Group's successful transformation from "performance orientation" to "strategic orientation", and to better cope with future challenges. 


CEO Wang Junhua's speech entitled What will lead to shutdown of JSTI? aroused the awareness of risks and unexpected development of all representatives at the meeting. Mr. Wang stressed that awareness of unexpected development is a fundamental of an enterprise's development by combining external enterprise cases and related hot spot incidents, pointing out that an enterprise will lose organizational trust, customers’ recognition, and social acknowledgement if the enterprise gave up its values. In addition, for “standardized management”, he expressed that an enterprise's standardized management did not mean success, and the establishment of management systems should return to the origin to seek for efficiency and operational convenience, with its flows being complete and standardized, mutually checking and balancing, and sustained. The most distinctive characteristic that separates JSTI from others is that our vision is the “most dynamic”. We must insist on embracing organizational reform with an open mind to make the organization innovative all the way. 


Chairman Fu Guanhua made an impromptu speech, pointing out that JSTI seemed to realize "globalization" overnight with the joining by the two overseas subsidiaries, but the fact was far from being so easy. The conflict of transnational cultures, integration of systems, and butt joint of systems, etc. in the future will bring great challenges. We are going to face a long-term difficulty-how can we effectively support transnational operation and cross-cultural management? In the future, only by having the capacity of sophisticatedly applying global resources to serve local customers can the company realize the goal of becoming a globalized company in a true sense. We are expecting to, through joint efforts, push TestAmerica, EPTISA and JSTI to a new high, and build a great company. 

The seminar has concluded in full success, but our in-depth thinking on "strategic orientation" just starts off. In the context of globalized development strategies, how to "outline a new world" and realize ambitions of both individuals and the company will be an eternal proposition for JSTI people to answer with wisdom and actions. (Su Xuan)