"Together for a better future"

On the morning of October 18, "China-Spain Cooperation Press Conference" by JSTI Group Co., Ltd. ("JSTI") and Spain EPTISASERVICIOS DE INGHNIERIA,S.L. ("EPTISA") was held at Beijing Hotel. Mr. Manuel Valencia, ambassador of Spain to China, commercial counselor Mr. Sergio Pérez, and Chai Xi, former ambassador of China to Malaysia, and other government officials and business personages of the two countries came to site with their congratulations.




JSTI Group is the first civil engineering consulting company of mainland China that gets listed at the stock exchange. The Group has been ranked among ENR "Top 150 Global Engineering Design Firms" for three consecutive years, ranking the 98th in 2016. JSTI has always been committed in providing our customers with one-stop, and comprehensive solutions on high quality engineering consulting. Its business areas cover planning consulting, comprehensive detection, PPP, environmental protection, smart city, and other fields. Now the Group has 31 branches in other provinces, 42 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 8 participated subsidiaries. In addition, JSTI has two State-level laboratories, new road materials, and in-service great and long bridge safety and soundness, as well as a dozen of provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms.

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Founded in 1956, EPTISA is one of Spain's engineering consulting service companies with the longest history, and also a world leading engineering consulting firm, ranking the 94th in 2014 ENR Top 225 global engineering design firms. With nearly 2,000 employees, the company has established offices in 25 countries, and operated projects in 45 countries. In addition, it is a long-term partner of international development financial institutions including European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, and Asian Development Bank, etc. The company's business covers water conservancy, environment, transportation, social and economic development, informatization, industrial buildings, and energy, etc. At present, EPTISA'sbusiness revenue beyond Spain has accounted for nearly 80% of the total, and has been operating in West Asia, East Europe, and South Asia, etc. for many years. In particular, it has seen sophisticated layout in the “Belt and Road” region. 


This time, JSTI had acquired 90% stock rights of EPTISA by means of capital increase of 16 million Euros. 


Mr. Fu Guanhua, chairman of JSIT, presided over the ceremony and noted that, JSTI and EPTISA hope to join hands to complement each other's advantages and integrate resources, with a view to providing infrastructural customers worldwide with comprehensive services including planning consulting, comprehensive detection, water conservancy, electric power, smart city, social and economic development, PPP, informatizatin, industrial buildings and energy, etc., providing Chinese engineering enterprises with better services enabling them "to go global", and providing powerful technical support for interconnected construction of infrastructures of countries along the "Belt and Road".


Mr. Luis Villarroya, CEO of EPTISA, said in the speech that, the marriage with JSTI makes Eptisa very proud, and also brings great opportunities. It is very lucky to be part of China's leading enterprise in the engineering industry. Eptisa's engineering practice in more than 45 countries and branch offices in over 25 countries will bring JSTI and its customers global supports. Eptisa's powerful technical strength in water and environment will definitely bring JSTI decisive assistance in China, a market full of expectations. Of course, the outstanding performance of Eptisa in technical cooperation with international financial organizations will also help JSTI enter the huge market of technical cooperation with international financial organizations. 


Mr. Wang Junhua, CEO of JSTI, spoke against such phenomena of "being unacclimatized" and "multiplying risks" faced by Chinese engineering contractors that, if there is an international engineeringconsultant who is very familiar with local conditions and has accumulated extensiveexperience, and also a Chinese partner who has established long-term partnership with Chinese contractors, and they work together to offer suggestions for Chinese engineering contractors, the success rate of overseas investment and development will substantially increase. The union of JSTI and EPTISA can exactly exert such advantage, and build a globalized engineering consulting service platform, to serve as a good "adviser" for Chinese engineering enterprises and contractors who are "going global". 


Fang Qiuchen, chairman of China International Contractors Association, said that, the union this time is a model for globalized development of Chinese design firms, and also a measure to practice "Belt and Road" initiative, which will definitely drive the cooperation between enterprises of China and Spain in third countries. JSTI is expected to sum up and work out a set of solutions on overseas merger and acquisition, corporate governance, cultural integration, and synergetic development, to provide more Chinese enterprises who are going to "go global" with examples, references and help. In addition, domestic contracting enterprises are expected to work together with excellent design firmsand take advantage of their consulting service, technical support and risk management to achieve overseas market breakthrough and development.


Mr. Manuel Valencia, ambassador of Spain to China, said in his speech that, his major task is to promote strategic cooperation between Chinese and Spanish enterprises to jointly explore the global market. Both JSTI and EPTISA have the foresight and sagacity, and are brave in exploring the global market and new business fields, which is praiseworthy. It is believed that the union is a win-win alliance and will become a model of success. The ambassador thought that the rapid development of JSTI is an epitome of the whole country's development. At the same time, he reminded the enterprises who are going to explore global market that, the successful experience of local market may not work in the global market, and they must keep abreast of the times, adjust measures to local conditions, strive to adapt to local policy environment, and respect customers’ aspirations. Only by doing this can they achieve success. 


Finally, Mr. Fu Guanhua, chairman of JSTI, expressed that, the press conference is themed with "China-Spain Cooperation", which is more than the union between two engineering consulting enterprises, as we hope to, through this press conference, drive the cooperation between China and Spain, EU, and western developed countries, and work together to build a global high-end engineering consulting service platform, to provide international customers including Chinese engineering companies "going global" with professional consulting services. Under the guide of the Silk Road spirit of "peace, openness, inclusiveness, mutual trust, and mutual benefit", and in the principle of "common negotiation, building, and sharing", we will definitely achieve fruitful results. (Su Xuan)