JSTI Water Conservancy Design is Joined by a New Force︱The Ceremony for Equity Cooperation with Zhongshan Water Conservancy Project Surveying & Consulting Co., Ltd. was Successfully Held

On the morning of October 24, the ceremony for equity cooperation between JSTI Group Co., Ltd. (“JSTI”) and Zhongshan Water Conservancy Project Surveying & Consulting Co., Ltd. (“Zhongshan Water Conservancy”) was held in Zhongshan city. Leaders of Zhongshan Water Authority and Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, representatives of owners, and partners came with their congratulations. 


Zhongshan Water Conservancy is a water conservancy surveying and design company with profound historical foundation and professional strength. Since its initiation in 1984, Zhongshan Water Conservancy has extended its business to a dozen of provinces and cities, and has been widely recognized by the industry and owners with its remarkable technical advantages and experience in urban flood control pump station, and valley harnessing. As a result, its industry position and influence has become more remarkable. 


At the ceremony, Li Dapeng, rotating president of JSTI, read out the decision of appointments of directors, supervisors, and senior management of Zhongshan Water Conservancy, and noted that Zhongshan Water Conservancy would make up the weakness of JSTI in infrastructure, and form favorable complementation with the Group's existing businesses and regions, as well as help expand the Group's presence in water environment and water resources, so as to lay a solid foundation for JSTI's localized and commercial-scale development in the Pearl River Delta region. 


XieJianlin, general manager of Zhongshan Water Conservancy, reviewed the development course of the unit, and expressed his high recognition of JSTI's values, conviction, and culture, and hoped that Zhongshan Water Conservancy would be put on a rail of rapid development and enjoy a great prospect through this cooperation. 


Fu Guanhua, chairman of JSTI, stated in his speech the development vision and goals of JSTI, and praised performance and team of Zhongshan Water Conservancy, as well as pointed out that, both sides need to gradually run in as there are differences in culture, conviction, and habit, etc. He also put forward expectation and prospect for Zhongshan Water Conservancy's joining JSTI, operating nationwide, and evolving into a global water conservancy design group. 



Mo Hongbing, director of ZhaoqingGaoyao District Water Bureau, praised the professionalism and the service awareness of “customer focused” of Zhongshan Water Conservancy in the process of serving local water conservancy facilities development, and hoped that the cooperation would achieve the goal of complementing each other's advantages and bearing win-win fruits. Li Wubiao, former vice chairman of CPPCC Zhongshan Municipal Committee, hoped that Zhongshan Water Conservancy would give full play to its technical strength, professional teams, and customer resources accumulated in the development of the past two decades, and rely on JSTI's advantages, to seek for greater development space, and JSTI can also rely on Zhongshan Water Conservancy to expand the markets of Guangdong and the whole South China. 


The successful shareholding of Zhongshan Water Conservancy this time has laid a foundation for JSTI to improve its industrial layout, expand water conservancy design market, and improve technical capacity and profitability in water environment PPP business, which is conducive to fostering new profit growth poles. In addition, coupled with existing advantages of JSTI in market network, brand, fund, and management, etc., both sides will continue to build and improve their core market competitiveness, and achieve win-win development through the strategic cooperation. (Li Zhen)