The 6th Symposium on Long Span Bridge Structure Damage Early Warning and Status Evaluation Technologies took place in Nanjing

On 26-27 October 2016, The 6th Symposium on Long Span Bridge Structure Damage Early Warning and Status Evaluation Technology was convened in Nanjing. The event was jointly hosted by Jiangsu Transport Holding Co., Ltd. and Key Laboratory on the Safety and Health of Active Service Long Span Bridges. The symposium was intended to challenge key technological difficulties about long span bridges (such as structure monitoring, structure damage early warning and status evaluation, the maintenance of cable-supported bridges), boost the sustainable development of bridge health monitoring technology, discuss prominent hot issues in the field of bridge structure health monitoring, and help the application of these technologies in engineering practices. More than 150 participants attended the meeting, including Academician Cui Junzhi from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and representatives home and abroad from higher education institutions, research institutes, design institutes and bridge construction and maintenance agencies.



Speech of Lin Xiaoping Deputy Section Chief of the General Office of Transport Technology Department


Speech of Li Dapeng, Rotating President of JSTI


Speech of Wu Zhishen, Chairman of ISHMII



Speech of Chen Xianghui, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Transport Holding Co., Ltd.




During the meeting, 21 experts home and abroad in the field of bridge detection and bridge monitoring delivered speeches and shared their insights, including Chairman of International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII) Wu Zhishen, President of International Association for Structural Control and Monitoring (IASCM) and Director of State Key Laboratory on the Safety and Health of In-Service Long Span Bridges. Their brilliant speeches covered a number of issues, such as “The Process of Standardization on the Monitoring of Structure Health”, “Advanced Bridge Monitoring and Detection Technologies and Methods of Evaluation”, “Probes and Practices of Light Health Monitoring Systems for Normal Bridges. The specialists also held technology salons to discuss many important issues such as the approaches of cooperation and exchanges between the engineering community and the academic community, new ideas for the development of health monitoring technologies against the backdrop of the new technology of Internet of Things (IoT). A document was drafted that summed up the current situation and future development of technologies on bridge damage early warning and status evaluation.


On 27 October, the participants made a field visit to Nanjing No.2 Bridge Structure Health Monitoring System and Jiangsu Long Span Bridge Health Monitoring Data Center to learn about methods to install sensors and configure software and hardware for the health monitoring system of cable supported bridges and gain a comprehensive understanding of cable supported bridge health monitoring system.

Thanks to the support of many trade regulating bodies, the symposium has become an important academic conference in the domain.