Chairman Fu GuanhuaInspected the Laboratoryof US TestAmerica


A few days ago, Fu Guanhua, chairman of JSTI GROUP,made an inspection of the California Irvine Laboratory of TestAmerica Environmental Services, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “TestAmerica”).Director COO Scott, West Operation Director Fred, Lab Supervisor Linda, and Marketing Supervisor Roam of the TestAmerica Company respectively introduced the operation and marketing situations of this laboratory to Chairman Fu Guanhua. After that, Chairman Fu Guanhua learned about relevant systems and provisions of US environmental monitoring field in details, and inquired relevant situations about customer services.



TestAmerica Company is a leading environmental monitoring company in US. The Company provides a variety of “one-stop” monitoring services for customers across the US, having wide detection range and complete detection information management system. Itslaboratories are distributed in 50 states around US. The Company ranks first in the fields of water source detection, aerial detection and solid waste detection, and is one of service providers that providea full array of detection services. In addition, this Company receives samples from over 40 countries every year, and establishes the shared service center in Thailand. Also,its client base covers the maximum industrial enterprise, federal agency, major environmental and water companies, and state governments and urban water supply and sewage treatment institutions in the world.

Wu Xiaoming, Director of the TestAmerica,accompanied the inspection. (Liu Hao)