The 13th "China-US Bridge Engineering Workshop" held in Xi'an


The 13th "China-US Bridge Engineering Workshop" was held recently in Xi'an. It was organized by the Experts Committee of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and it was undertaken by CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd., Chang'an University, and CCCC First Highway Consultants Co., Ltd.

More than 40 bridge experts from China and the USA participated in the Forum and exchanged ideas on the technical topics such as "bridge safety performance", "accelerated bridge construction (ABC)", "rapid assessment of bridge performance after disaster". Director Wu Dejin of the Highway Department of MOT, former Chairman Zhou Haitao of the Experts Committee of MOT and other Chinese experts, and Mr. Phillip Yen, the former Chief Engineer of Bridge of FHWA & Executive Chairman of China-US Bridge Engineering Workshop, Man-Chung Tang, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering of the USA, foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering & President of T.Y. Lin International, Mr. Harry Capers, Vice President of Arora United Engineering Company and other American bridge experts participated in the Workshop.

Dr. Han Yixuan of JSTI Group was invited to participate in the Workshop and made a technical report on "Application of Concrete Gas Permeability Measurement on the Inspection of Bridge Long Term Performance" and exchanged ideas with the Chinese and American bridge experts on bridge non-destructive testing technology, health detection technology, research trends and long-term performance research.

After the Workshop, some representatives of both sides visited quite a few bridges in unitized construction in Meixian County such as the Bawang River Bridge, the Gangou River Bridge, the Changxing No. 2 Bridge which are under the maintenance and study of Chang'an University. (Han Yixuan, Ge Shenglan)


China-US Bridge Engineering Workshop has been held thirteen times since 2002. The scope of exchange between both sides has extended from the initial bridge earthquake resistant field to bridge health detection, comparison of bridge design codes, bridge long-term performance research, accelerated bridge construction technology and bridge disaster prevention and risk mitigation against earthquakes, floods, etc. It has become one supported activity for transport technology cooperation projects between the Chinese government and the American government and it has attracted an increasing number of technical experts to participate in this Workshop. JSTI Group has been actively involved in this Workshop and it undertook the 9th China-US Bridge Engineering Workshop in Nanjing in 2012.JSTI Group will continually support and undertake China-US Bridge Engineering Workshop in an effort to promoting the Chinese and American sides to have more common understanding of bridge technology and thus doing more contributions on construction of safer and more durable bridges.