"Warming-up" for Internationalization︱ Special English Session for the 14th JSTI Group Academic Forum

Nov 30, the prelude of the 14th JSTI Group Academic Forum, the Special English Session, was held in Nanjing. Over 40 representatives from different divisions and subsidiaries, in Mainland China attended the session. Principal engineer Jia Yu and chief municipal engineer Yan Ping of the group also attended the session.



This Special English Session was held in English throughout the whole process to highlight the international development features of JSTI, which is the first attempt of the group that has shown the “internationalization” of the group. Through preliminary review and recommendation by the academic committee members of the group on topics collected from the whole group, 11 topics were selected to be discussed at the session. The topics, covering such professional fields like testing, rail transit, environment, municipal planning, pavement maintenance, etc., have shown the scientific and technological research outcomes of JSIT as the result of engineering practices. From the Application of Concrete Gas Permeability Measurement on the Inspection of Bridge Long Term Performance to the Research on Real Time Evaluation and Early Warning Technology of High Slope Construction; from the Application of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles in Africa to the Introduction of Jiangsu Transportation Environment On-line Monitoring System; through to such other hot topics as smart construction of asphalt pavement and sponge-type road construction, drawing great interest of all attendants, who actively participated in onsite interaction. 


At the session, in order to commend outstanding speech makers, technical experts of different fields of the group and the audience voted for winners of the onsite communication award, who are Han Yixuan, senior scientific research manager of the Comprehensive ManagementDepartment of the Group's Testing Institute, vice director Shen Jianxia of the Water Transport Institute and Wang Ganlin, deputy engineer in charge of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering. This original English speech session, as the prelude of the annual academic forum, has not only provided the attendants with a platform for technological communication in English, but also provided solid support for JSTI's early achievement of the development goal to be a real international company. (Hu Jingchao, Wang Yijun)